Male hands in handcuffs.

My Rights Whilst, Being Arrested

Being arrested is an extraordinarily stressful event, especially if you are not aware that you have committed a crime. For this reason, it is vital for Western Australian citizens to be mindful of their rights and what is inappropriate behaviour, both on your part and the part of the arresting officers.

Man arrested for drug possession.

An Overview of Drug Offences in Western Australia

Western Australia is known for having some of the harshest drug offence penalties anywhere. The laws regarding drug charges are complex, and penalties range from small fines and jail time to stiff penalties, including fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and lengthy prison terms depending on the circumstances surrounding the charges.

What is Assault?

What Happens If You Get Charged With Assault

In Western Australia, there are several types of assault charges, and the penalty may depend on the severity of the offending. In some cases, an offender can be sentenced to an immediate term of imprisonment and that imprisonment may be mandatory even if the offender has good antecedents. However, experienced assault lawyers Perth can help…