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Dangerous Driving Traffic Lawyers

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Dangerous Driving Offences

I am charged with Dangerous Driving. What is the difference between Dangerous Driving as compared to Careless Driving or Reckless Driving? What does the Prosecution need to prove to find me guilty for Dangerous Driving?

In generic terms, Careless Driving carries a lighter sentence as the ‘offending behaviour’ is seen to be less serious as compared to Dangerous Driving. However, Reckless Driving carries the heavier penalty out of the three charges.

The legal test for Dangerous Driving is whether the driver of a motor vehicle drove in a manner (including the speed of the vehicle) that is, having regard to all of the circumstances of the case, dangerous to the public or to any person.

Again, there are many common law authorities (case laws) that can assist you in understanding where you stand if you are charged with Dangerous Driving. You should not enter a plea without knowing what the law says (statute and common law) and how the law is applied to your situation.

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