Family Law Mediation

Why choose Mediation?  Family Law Mediation is a structured negotiation process where you and the other party come to the table to resolve and create a solution that finds some middle ground between both parties’ ideal outcome. The goal of mediation is not to win an argument. It is to...
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What is a child’s best interest?

What is a child’s best interest? More specifically, how does a Court decide what is in the best interest of a child when making a parenting order?  The governing principles of a child’s best interest that the Court is required to consider are: The benefit of a child having a...
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Not Guilty

Have you considered what it would take to fight and succeed at trial? In Australia, an accused is deemed to be innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution, and they must prove “beyond reasonable doubt” that all the elements of a charge has been satisfied....
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