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International Advisory Experts 2017

WN Legal Lawyer named Family Lawyer of the Year in the International Advisory Experts Award 2017

We are proud to announce that the International Advisory Experts have selected Jun Khew Wong as the recipient for the International Advisory Experts Award: Family Lawyer of the Year for 2017.

This award is attributed as a way to pay tribute to and commend individuals who have shown exceptional success and received a great deal of praise from their peers over the past 12 months. Winners, whether nominated by peers or by an independent research group, are chosen based on their noteworthy merit.

On receiving the award, Khew Wong commented:

“I could not have won the award without the hard work and effort of our team at WN Legal. I pay tribute to the co-founder of WN Legal, Mr Kyran Nunes, who led the Family Law Team with astounding dedication. Kyran and I both worked through through the nights, and into the weekends to find that ‘perfect’ legal argument.”

The awarding agency – International Advisory Experts (IAE) – currently has experts from over 140 jurisdictions, in firms that are at the forefront of their industry. The experts are dedicated to offering first-class advice, finding the right solution for any problem, and helping people resolve issues in the legal, financial, and tax sectors.

About WN Legal

The WN Legal Family Law Team is led by Kyran Nunes, with the guidance, collaboration, and support of Khew Wong, whose judgements and experience add further depth to the legal arguments WN Legal put forth. Khew’s previous experience in criminal law helps him shine a different light on every case, and bring new perspectives to the table.

Together, the Family Law Team at WN Legal tackle all family related matters, from simple drafting to complex litigation. Along with the co-founders Kyran Nunes and Khew Wong, the team form a formidable group, capable of achieving consistent and favourable results without the need for unnecessary legal costs.

Khew Wong states that he owes his success and the success of WN Legal to the team and the co-founders. He believes that without everyone working together as a team, only battles can be won, not the war.

This spirit of dedication and commitment runs throughout WN Legal, and they will continue to bring it forth as they make their mark in legal history.

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