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Not Guilty Verdict: Compensation for Legal Fees

So, a criminal case is over and you’re found to be not guilty. What happens now?  Here is everything you need to know about a not guilty verdict compensation. Legal basis for compensation in Australia All Australian states and territories (except the ACT) do not allow wrongfully convicted individuals to...
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Possession of Illegal Drugs Charges

Navigating the criminal law when facing a drug charge can be stressful. Depending on the kind of drug and the quantity in question, consequences vary from hefty fines and community service to jail time or a combination of both. If you or someone in your family is facing a drug...
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Arrest With or Without A Warrant

A warrant for arrest or a warrant to appear in court can come in many different forms, and for various reasons. Police in Western Australia can make an arrest with or without one. And while most arrests happen in the spur of the moment and with no warrant on hand,...
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Types Of Sentences For A Criminal Case

Criminal sentencing is a complex process and can involve several factors that will ultimately affect the outcome. Generally, there are a few possible avenues open to judges for sentencing, these include: Monetary Fine. By far the most common, a fine can accompany a term of imprisonment or be an alternative...
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