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Finding A Lawyer With A Good Defence Record

Criminal defence lawyers are known for being the diamond in the rough when it comes to facing the law. Finding a lawyer with a good defence record can help move a case along in a way that everyone will have a decent outcome or at least be better off than trying by themselves. With this in mind, how important is it to have a defence lawyer that boasts a high success or win rate? Will this actually impact your end result in court? The fact is – having the right lawyer at your side is critical in protecting your freedom and rights in front of a judge. Doing it alone is not only tough and confusing – but can have a dramatic impact on your case. Here is why finding a lawyer with a good defence record can potentially save your money and freedom.

Finding A Lawyer With A Good Defence Record
Finding A Lawyer With A Good Defence Record

Finding Lawyers With A Good Success Rate

One of the key pieces of information that can help you find the right defence lawyer is by looking at their success rate. While this may vary from lawyer to lawyer – take into account what kind of cases they won and see how relevant this is to your case. Even though lawyers all follow the same laws and procedures, their ways of dealing with individual cases and how they use evidence in court can be completely different. So how do you narrow down the selection to a particular group of lawyers? It is very simple.

Standards Matter

The main point to look for is the law firm or company that the lawyer works for, as this is a good showcase of the standards that the lawyer must abide by. Every good law firm cares about keeping a good reputation. It’s all about keeping up good relationships with their clients. As a respectable and caring boutique law firm, WN Legal is one of the best options for people around Perth.

Reputation is Always Important

It’s a good idea to look at reviews of cases and find stories that are relevant to yours. If you look back on a lawyer’s past cases, then you might think you know how good they are but there is more to take into account than just wins or losses. Lawyers often have experience spread out along different case types and as well the improvement they have made because of those experiences. Even if a lawyer has a good record you have to make sure they have a solid grasp of the case you are needing them for.

How Important Is A Consistent Success Rate

When there is potentially someone’s life or freedom on the line, having a consistent success rate is great for security. While everyone’s circumstances are different, the verdict can be as basic as a fine or perhaps some community service. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes finding a lawyer with a good defence record will mean the difference between a heavy fine and many years behind bars. A case is not a laughing matter and should be treated with a high level of respect and confidentiality. A consistent success rate for a lawyer demonstrates that they have a thorough understanding of cases and a solid grasp of the concepts that surround an investigation.

Experience is everything 

Finding a lawyer with a good success rate will mean looking for a firm that houses highly experienced lawyers. Your lawyer will know what advice to provide to a client and what needs to be done next to improve your chances in court. Make sure that when finding a lawyer with a good defence record you choose one with a high success rate so that your chance of success is massively improved.

Choose a Lawyer Who Knows the Courts

Knowing the processes of the local court systems and the justices that preside over them is highly valuable when it comes to facing trial. It’s often true that having local knowledge and connections within the legal system can go a long way. Knowing these ins and outs can make a huge difference. 

Look for simple and straightforward payment options 

Sometimes you can tell a sub-par law firm from the kinds of fee structures they advertise. Having an open and honest discussion about payment means you’re in good hands. When finding a lawyer with a good defence record, you’ll want to check their hourly rate and always ask questions if you’re unsure about anything. The lawyers will always appreciate honesty from the outset because that makes their job easier. 

Choose A Lawyer Who Truly Care About You

Emotions can play a large part in a case and help change how you act as well as your sense of reasoning and logic. During a case, it’s fair to assume a clients’ emotion will most likely be unstable or misdirected. A criminal defence lawyer should be there to provide rational judgments on sensitive issues and bring a voice of reason where emotions are running high. A good criminal defence lawyer will remain calm and should have a calming effect on the client. 

Choose a lawyer that will focus on your goal

Lawyers who are more understanding of what your goal is throughout a case will ultimately bode well for your end result – whatever that may be. Whether it’s getting off on a light drink driving charge, or facing a violence restraining order Perth, finding a lawyer who is goal-orientated will always be your best choice. This helps streamline the process so that the lawyer knows what information to search for, what advice they give you, and how best you can go about the time before your case. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as sometimes they are important later on and a lawyer who cares about you will be happy to answer anything you ask.

Find A Defence Lawyer That Matches What You Need

Finding a criminal defence lawyer with a good record can make all the difference – especially if they specialise in the area of law that pertains to your case. Creating an understanding of your particular case, its legal premises, and what outcome you want will be a lawyer’s priority. Picking a criminal defence lawyer that has a lot of experience in your area and has a consistent success rate will help you achieve the best possible outcome. When you and your defence lawyer are aiming for the same goal, it helps to keep both you and the lawyer’s understanding mutual. 

WN Legal houses highly respected criminal defence lawyers. If you’re looking for a defence lawyer that matches your needs and will stand by you all the way, get in touch today for a free 30-minute consultation.

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