Expert Criminal Defence Lawyers in Perth

  • Were you told that you are under arrest?
  • Were you told to attend to a police video record of interview?
  • Were you told that anything you say may be used against you?

If you were contacted by a member of the police force, you should seek legal advice from a lawyer before speaking to them.
Our legal practice director Khew Wong is experienced in defending his clients and providing legal representation at all stages of the criminal process for both summary and indictable offences. Whether it is sentencing or trial hearing, we will always consider all options available in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

In criminal law proceedings, time is of the essence and preparation is important. If you find yourself in need of legal representation for a criminal or road traffic offences, contact us immediately and we will guide you through the legal process and represent you in Court.

Our Perth Criminal Lawyers at WN Legal can assist and represent you in the following areas of Law:

Criminal and Traffic Law

  1. Burglary Offences;
  2. Drug Offences;
  3. Assault;
  4. Stealing;
  5. Commonwealth Offences- Fraud, Dealing with Proceeds of Crime;
  6. Road Traffic Offences- from simple traffic offences to dangerous driving causing death;
  7. Dishonesty Offences;
  8. All facets of sex offences;
  9. Bail applications- including Schedule 2 Offences;
  10. Murder & Manslaughter.

Restraining Orders

  1. Violence Restraining Orders;
  2. Misconduct Restraining Orders.

Extraordinary Driver’s License Applications and representation in Court