Wills and Estates

Death is a very sensitive topic but an unavoidable part of life.

You have worked your whole life to provide for your loved ones and to build up what you have today. It is important that you have full control over what will happen with your assets upon your demise in order to ensure your loved ones are adequately provided for when you are no longer able to.

Why are Wills so important?

  • If you don’t have a Will, your assets could go to someone who isn’t your first choice as your assets will be distributed pursuant to a legally prescribed formula
  • If your Will is not properly prepared and signed, it could be invalid
  • Marriage and Divorce can invalidate your Will
  • If you are not divorced, a former Will is still valid

Are Enduring Powers of Attorney (‘EPA’) important?

Accidents, sudden illness, disability or being absent from the jurisdiction may disrupt your lifestyle and affect your legal capacity.  In times like this, you may need someone to manage your legal and financial affairs.

If you have an exercisable legal right in a business or under a Family Discretionary Trust Deed, an EPA allows you to appoint someone else to act in your stead.

Our lawyers at WN Legal are happy to provide you with legal services regarding all aspects of the law in Wills and Estates including Testamentary Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Advance Health Directives and Estate Administration (including Probate and Letters of Administration).

WN Legal can provide a fixed fee service for preparing your Will, Power of Attorney and Advance Health Directive. Please telephone our office to obtain an obligation-free initial consultation.