Family Lawyers

The breakdown of a marriage or de-facto relationship can be a very stressful and emotional experience not only for you but for those affected and involved.  Seeking assistance and legal advice from an experienced family lawyer at the earliest possible stage is strongly advised.

WN Legal’s Perth team of Family Lawyers strive to guide you through your difficult legal situation as efficiently as possible and are sensitive to the individual needs of each client. We adopt a cost benefit approach in advancing your case in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

If your matter needs to proceed to Court, we provide you with strong legal representation whilst still catering for your individual needs and aiming to settle the matter without expending unnecessary legal costs so you can move on to the next stage of your life. Our main focus is to achieve the most favourable outcome for you.

We recognise the sensitivity involved in all family matters and understand that all family matters are different, which is why we approach your legal issue confidentially and in an understanding manner.

WN Legal can assist you in a broad range of Family Law Matters

Family & Divorce

  1. Recovery orders
  2. Relocation;
  3. De-facto Relationships;
  4. Divorces and Separations;
  5. Maintenance;
  6. Property Settlements;
  7. Child Contact and Residence;
  8. Parenting Applications;
  9. Child And Parenting Agreements/Consent Orders;
  10. Property Applications;
  11. Injunctions;
  12. Custody disputes; and
  13. Recovery and Relocation Applications.