In light of the new COVID-19 lockdown rules that was recently announced, WN legal will continue to serve its customers via telephone or video calls.

We also confirm the following:

  1. All criminal proceedings in the Magistrates Court will be adjourned for a period of 14 days from 29 June 2021 to 2 July 2021 and all accused persons not required to appear in Court within this period. All criminal matters that are deemed “not urgent” will be adjourned for 2 weeks and all interested parties will receive Court notice by post on the next available time they need to appear in Court. For further information please visit: Magistrates Court of Western Australia
  2. All Family Court proceedings may still proceed with counsel appearing by phone on behalf of their clients. The Family Court is currently closed from 29 June 2021 to 2 July 2021. For further information, please visit The Family Court WA Public Notice – COVID-19

All persons attending Courts and Tribunals within this period must wear masks at all times, including in courtrooms, hearing rooms and mediation rooms, unless expressly exempted.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe, practice social distancing and please wear a face Magistrates Court of Western AustraliaThe Magistrates Court of Western Australia has multiple registries located around the State.